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Intech Security specialises in providing professionally trained, experienced and qualified Security Guards all over Sydney metro and regional areas including Southern Highlands. We ensure to serve a wide range  of shopping centres, retail stores, construction sites, corporate offices, storage & distribution centres and manufacturing facilities. Our security guards team hold all necessary certifications including RSA, OHS, Fire warders and First aid. A key focus of our operations is to select the suitable staff for specific locations, conditions and customer requirements.

Intech has specific Security Service Standards and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for all company personnel to follow for dealing with the public, including visitor information and related enquires, and reporting all daily activities. All Intech security officers are well experienced and fully skilled in customer relationship management. Intech is very particular in its recruitment criteria in regards to employees’ communications skills, and this is reinforced in induction and training.

Since our inception in 2012, Intech Security Pty Ltd has been prospering by leaps and bounds, covering the Sydney metro and regional areas, and has built a client portfolio including major companies such as Aldi, McDonalds, Optus, James Clifford Constructions and Patterson Constructions. This success is due in large part to the company’s customer-focused approach, customised services, 24x7 online services, transparent operations and great team efforts. We pride ourselves on being able to offer cost effective and competitive security solutions.


All Intech Security Guards who will be designated onsite are First Aid trained and certified. The company runs regular programs for refresher First Aid training for all Intech employees. Intech Security’s control room has a system to keep regular health checks on their security guards which provides immediate emergency support when needed.

First Aid kits are provided to all security guards on duty. These kits are audited and replenished periodically by the company safety officer.


Intech Security has online systems for electronic daily reporting, guard’s position and location, and signing in/out processes.

Systems include:

Intech Online Reporting System: An online system for generating and emailing daily activity reports to our clients. This report is tabulated by information provided by Intech personnel through a smartphone app which is fed to Intech’s centralised database system. This report’s format is customisable to meet specific customer requirements and will be finalised after detailed consultation with the client.

Intech Guards GPS Tracking: Intech GPS tracking system for guard verification and tracking. This system works through a mobile phone app which shows security guards’ current locations. Security guards sign in and sign out on the system during start and stop of their shift which records in the database system, and logs and records the location every 5 minutes during the guards’ working hours.

Intech Guards Online Roster: A complete online system for guard rosters. The guard’s roster is updated via on an online datasheet visible over internet to all security guards with location and timings. This is also sharable and visible to the client if required.


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