Security Guards Services

Service Objectives

To provide an effective and efficient process to the client that demonstrates on a regular basis that the security services are delivered as agreed. Additionally, the process will provide opportunities to improve the security services to the Site on an ongoing basis.

Management Meetings

A meeting will be held between the authorised representative of the client and Intech on a monthly basis or as notified by the client to deal with matters concerning the security services. The company shall present a written report dealing with matters raised.

Incident Reports

Intech will provide the client with a report, in an electronic format or other format deemed suitable by the client, all incidents attended or occurring within Site by the end of the working shift. At a minimum, the incident report should include:

a. Time

b. Date

c. Location

d. Guard in attendance

e. Description of incident

f. Complainant details (if applicable)

g. Offender details (if applicable)

h. Action taken to resolve incident (if any)

i. Other services requested (as required)

j. Photos/video if available


Intech will provide a fortnightly report to the client summarising the following for each shift. At a minimum, the report should include:

a. Alarm monitoring call outs

b. Incidents reported

c. Compliance matters reported/responded to/resolved

d. Equipment update

e. Areas for improvement (where applicable)

f. Kms travelled for each 24hr period

g. Response time for each incident/call out

h. Monthly summary

Security Patrolling and Guarding Standards

Intech Surveillance & Security Patrolling and Guarding services are provided in accordance with the Australian Standards, unless otherwise stated within this document. In addition, the following are adhered to:

a) Vehicular patrols are take place in all areas of the site several times each day throughout the 24 hours of each day and not at regular times that can be identified by anyone attempting to do so.

b) Continuity of service is of the utmost importance

c) Incidents will have a maximum response time of 5 minutes

d) Responses to alarms notified by the Alarm Monitoring Company will be in accordance with the 5 minute targeted response time

e) Any vehicle, machine or equipment will comply with appropriate legislation governing their manufacture and use.

f) When responding to an incident or alarm activation, the roof top light bar will be turned on.

g) Age of any vehicle used for patrols in the estate will not be more than 5 years old from date of manufacture and will be well maintained and clean at all times

h) All motor vehicles used for patrols within the Site will carry as a minimum the following equipment:

i. roof top light bar which has flashing light capability

ii. fire extinguisher

iii. first aid kit

iv. sting/bite kit

v. defibrillator

vi. jump leads

vii. tow rope

viii. LED torch

i) And all security guards will be competent in the use of such equipment

j) All security personnel on duty at Site will be well presented at all times in a highly visibility approved uniform.

k) All patrolling security guards will carry a camera on their person to complete the duties previously described.

l) All security guards will be conversant with and understand and apply the Standard Operating Procedures for all types of incidents

m) A patrolling and/or supervising security guard will contactable by the alarm monitoring company at all times by either mobile phone

n) Security guards will provide the requisite level of communication with relevant Police, Fire and ambulance services

o) A duly completed Incident Report is required for all incidents.

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