Security Guards Services



Intech Security officer duties include, but are not limited to:

a) All security guards are to complete a Daily Report detailing callouts during their shift , incidents, ad-hoc visitors and kms travelled. At the completion of their shift, they are to be signed off by the security guard and submitted to the Security Site Supervisor for co-signing

b) Complete incident reports following abnormal occurrences, and support these with accompanying photos as appropriate and then email them to designated recipients

c) Carry out personal interaction with the site personnel to understand any security concerns and assist where possible. These concerns should be passed on to the Client where security is unable to assist

d) Undertake high-visibility roving patrols of the streets, perimeter of site, and assets of the site so as to have a visible presence to discourage vandalism or unauthorised entry into the property

e) Provide a security presence at site activities or events such as parties and assist where possible with WHS requirements

f) Make frequent but unscheduled patrols of interior and exterior areas of site

g) Follow open/close procedures of the site facilities

h) Monitor and report to the Client any site breaches or if afterhours, report directly to authorities afterhours service. These hours should be confirmed regularly with authorities to ensure that they have not changed.

i) Report potential safety or maintenance issues to the Client or party responsible as required

j) Monitor and respond to site intrusion detection systems within 5 minutes.

k) Carry out regular personal welfare calls with the Security Control Room using a two-way radio (preferred) or mobile phone

l) Undertake scheduled welfare checks at the Facilities every hour. These welfare checks should be every 30-45mins when a staff member is working alone

m) Turn on/off the lights daily where required

n) Follow open/close procedures for the Security office located onsite and secure deliveries where required

o) When notified by owners, respond to trespassers as required

p) Undertake random ID checks of patrons to ensure that only authorised persons are onsite

q) Provide access for other contractors e.g. cleaners and maintenance staff at the request of the Client

r) Notify the police immediately to report any suspicious, dangerous activity or illegal behaviour

s) Interface with any emergency services responding to incidents in Site. Assist if requested by the agency onsite

t) All security guards should wear a high-visibility uniform with their NSW Security License displayed on a lanyard at all times

u) The patrol vehicle is to display the appropriate NSW Master Licence number. This vehicle should be kept clean and washed daily. All signage and co-branding (including its extent) is to be approved by the Client.

v) Security guards shall be equipped with portable communication devices permitting 24hour communication with the security control room and/or emergency services and designated contacts

All security guards must:

I. Communicate effectively in both written and oral English

II. Possess a valid Driver’s licence

III. Possess a valid NSW Security Licence with a 1A class

IV. Hold a current Senior First Aid certificate

V. Pass a working with children’s check

VI. Pass a police check

VII. Be physically and emotionally capable of performing the assigned tasks

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